The more than 180 stunning photographs in Hummingbirds of Costa Rica depict 44 of the 45 species of hummingbirds that breed in the tropical forests of this Central American country. Taken by a pair of British scientists who have photographed and written about Costa Rican hummers for more than thirty years, the photographs show these small, colorful birds in their natural environment.

Hummingbirds have a close and mutually beneficial relationship with flowers, so it is not surprising that flowers appear prominently in the photographs. In the interests of scientific accuracy, each hummingbird is only depicted with plants with which it naturally associates. Since more than 90 plant species (belonging to 34 families and 60 genera) are featured in the illustrations, all of them fully identified, the book is also a useful guide to frequently seen Costa Rican plants.

The text in Hummingbirds of Costa Rica provides a fascinating and up-to-date summary of the extraordinary biology of hummingbirds. It draws as much from Michael and Patricia Fogden's long personal experience observing hummers in the wild as it does from the research and writings of other ornithologists.


Michael and Patricia Fogden are world-acclaimed nature photographers who have doctorates in zoology, from Oxford and London Universities respectively. The Fogdens articles and photographs have appeared in magazines and books throughout the world.


ISBN: 978-1554071630


Hummingbirds of Costa Rica

By Michael and Patricia Fogden

Zona Tropical Publications