Ever wonder why ginger has been used for

centuries as a medicinal plant? Or how you can

treat cold symptoms with the herbs in your

own backyard? Medicinal Plants of Costa Rica

answers these questions. The result of more than twenty years of study, this book describes close to one hundred species found in Costa Rica. The descriptions include information on where to find the plants, how to cultivate them in your own garden, and how to prepare them for medicinal use. The text also steers you away from “medicinal” plants that are in fact toxic. Beautiful full-color photographs reveal the plants, their flowers, leaves, and roots. Covering a range of key species—from allspice to zornia—this is the definitive guide to the medicinal plants of Costa Rica.

Ed Bernhardt has been working with tropical medicinal plants & gardens in Costa Rica for 20+ years. He is the author of Medicinal Plants of Costa Rica, The Costa Rican Organic Home Gardening Guide and Natural Health Care Guide for Tropical Living and Huertas Naturales Para Costa Rica in Spanish.

He lives in the south of Costa Rica

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Medicinal Plants of Costa Rica

By Ed Bernhardt

Zona Tropical Publications

ISBN: 978-0-9705678-9-5

U.S. Retail: $11.95

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